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  • Divorce & Family Law

    Julian Law Firm represents clients in matters pertaining to: Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Probate and Estate, Family Law, Real Estate, Contract, and Employment Law.

    This page relates to Family Law in Western Pennsylvania, and includes information relating to:

    • Adoption/Guardianship/Conservatorship
    • Child Custody and Visitation
    • Child Support
    • Divorce (contested or uncontested)
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Enforcement
    • Mediation/Negotiation/Appeal
    • Modifications
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Property Division
    • Spousal Support/Alimony

    See our other practice area pages for more information on the many ways Julian Law Firm may assist you with your legal matters and estate planning needs.

    Adoption, Guardianship, and Conservatorship in Washington County, PA

    Julian Law Firm is ready to assist you with legal services that protect and serve the rights and well being of your loved ones. When you are ready to add to your current family, we can help with adoption. If you have a loved one who needs guidance or oversight of their legal custody or financial matters, we can help solidify the appointment of a guardian or conservator.

    Domestic Abuse, Separation and Divorce, in Pennsylvania

    A violent home life can cause a complex combination of emotions and law that is difficult to navigate alone. An experienced divorce lawyer can help bring a sense of normalcy to those who suffer from domestic abuse, separation, and divorce–the emotionally charged end of a marriage. Using negotiation skills, the Julian Law Firm attorneys and staff can review your rights and help you understand your options clearly. Our attorneys clearly explain the costs and benefits of your decisions as you make your way through the process. If you have children, we can help you protect them as we safeguard your parental rights.

    Child Support and Spousal Support in PA

    It is our approach at Julian Law Firm to gather information about you and your circumstances in order to use that knowledge in negotiations or in court to your advantage. We listen closely, ask and answer questions, explain options and help you think through your priorities. We are then able to give our clients a good idea of what to expect to receive or pay in child or spousal support. We can then pursue deviations from the support formulas, as warranted by your financial circumstances.

    Enforcement Assistance, Modification, Negotiation, and Appeal

    A person is often awarded property or payments as part of a divorce decree, only to find that their ex-spouse is not transferring the property, making the payments, or meeting as agreed. Although most divorces and other agreements are worked out in negotiation, Julian Law Firm also provides mediation services in addition to our representation. We also provide effective representation in appeals and have taken cases to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Our experienced attorneys can get the court orders enforced.