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  • Real Estate Law

    Julian Law Firm represents clients in matters pertaining to: Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Probate and Estate, Family Law, Real Estate, Contract, and Employment Law.

    This page relates to Real Estate Law in Western Pennsylvania, and includes information relating to:

    • Boundary Disputes/Easements
    • Closings
    • Commercial Property
    • Deeds; Mortgage Documents
    • Foreclosure Prevention/Deed-in-Lieu
    • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
    • Real Estate Purchase
    • Real Estate Sale
    • Residential Property
    • Title Insurance
    • Title Searches

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    Realty Services with Julian Law Firm, in Western Pennsylvania

    Realty services are a necessity when it comes to the sale or purchase of property for residential or commercial use. Before you sign any real estate agreement or make an offer, be sure to speak with an experienced real estate lawyer at Julian Law Firm. Our attorneys can help you understand the law, read and analyze contracts and mortgage documents to ensure they state what is claimed. This can bring added peace of mind.

    How Does Julian Law Firm Help with Closing a Real Estate Transaction?

    The event of closing a real estate transaction can be filled with a number of papers, signatures, and transactions that can be done in a flurry of activity. Julian Law Firm can help in the following ways:

    • We hold a meeting of the parties buying and selling the property.
    • We conduct the exchange of money between the parties, ensuring accuracy and safety.
    • We examine mortgage documents and titles to make sure all liens, mortgages, and judgments are satisfied.
    • We also examine mortgage documents and related paperwork for errors and unfavorable terms.

    Landlord/Tenant and Boundary Disputes/Easements

    Julian Law Firm attorneys represent clients on either side of disputes between tenants and landlords. These disputes include breaches of leases, damage to units, related safe deposit refund issues, evictions, and preparation of leases. We represent clients in disputes with neighbors, including boundary disputes and easement issues.